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What our termite treatment prevents in Waipahu, HI

Termite Treatment in Waipahu, HI

Our termite control services include Sentricon termite colony elimination systems, tent fumigation for drywood termites, pre-construction soil treatment for new construction and additions, and a mobile fumigation trailer.


Our inspections include expert termite inspection and report for real estate transactions, FHA, VA and escrow clearance, c
onsultation services regarding termites, including detailed inspections, damage survey and comprehensive report intended for design professionals, architects and structural engineers.

Call our Waipahu, HI office at 808-591-2922 to learn more about our termite treatment. 


Sentricon is a termite treatment elimination system with always active technology. The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System is the effective, environmentally responsible way to protect a home from termites.  That’s why it’s the product of choice for millions of homeowners and used to protect many national landmarks, such as the White House, the Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall.  The Sentricon System is preferred by consumers 3-to-1 over the next leading termite bait.

For more information go to www.sentricon.com

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