Our Pest Control Services

Termites exterminated by our Pest Control in Waipahu, HI

Our Pest Control Services in Waipahu, HI

At Xtermco Inc we use the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System to provide you with termite monitoring systems that let us know when termite activity starts. We also provide tent fumigation for drywood termites, ground treatment for subterranean termites, and pre-construction soil treatment for new construction and additions. 

We also provide expert termite inspections and reports for real estate transactions, FHA, VA and escrow clearance. Give us a call for c
onsultation services regarding termites, including detailed inspections, analysis, damage survey and comprehensive report intended for design professionals, architects and structural engineers.


For your homes, condos and other residential properties, we provide the safest and most effective materials, the newest equipment, and the most advanced control methods.

We provide the best commercial services because we have extensive experience in consulting and maintaining pest control for hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. To provide you with quality protection we strictly adhere to OSHA, USDA, and FDA control guidelines.


Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) simply means the use of all available resources such as exclusion, monitoring, trapping, baits, physical removal, correcting environment and sanitation practices. We use insecticide as a last option and on a limited basis.  Customer awareness and education play a vital role in any successful I.P.M. program.  I.P.M. is recommended in areas such as hospitals, elderly housing, offices, multi-unit complexes, schools, and around chemically sensitive individuals, etc.  

Advantages of I.P. M. :  Less hazardous to our environment, only low odor, low impact products used on a limited basis and applied to cracks, crevices, voids and accessible areas to reduce and minimize exposure.  Applied only by highly trained certified technicians, I.P.M. has proven to be as effective and long lasting as traditional pest control with comparable cost.


ROACHES:  Insecticides such as baits, dusts and insect growth regulators work effectively.  These products are placed directly into cracks, crevices, voids and inaccessible areas where roaches harbor and limits exposure to our customers.

ANTS:    Baits are usually the best treatment for ants.  Through proper identification of species, selection of the appropriate baits will provide effective control measures.
Image of a flea
FLEAS:  Total protection to control fleas on your pets, in your yard and in your home.  Vacuuming, applying adulticides and insect growth regulators along with treatment to your pets will provide effective control measures.

RODENTS:  Exclusion is the most important aspect when conducting rodent control.  Screens, steel wool, sheet metal and concrete are some materials that Xtermco Inc uses to eliminate rodent entry.  Bait stations, snap traps, glue boards and mechanical traps are then set and inspected to control infestation. 
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